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For the past three decades, Dr. Ellen Weber Libby has devoted the lion’s share of her work as a clinical psychologist to helping successful, often prominent clients in Washington, DC, sort out and deal with the impact of childhood favoritism—a trait, which Dr. Libby says, is a prominent character assessment in order to help many of them get where they are today. “Whether parents realize it or not, every family has favorites . . . even when you are part of a big family unit or an only child.” Dr. Libby attests. “All family members live with the profound effects, good and bad, of favoritism.”

In her groundbreaking book The Favorite Child (Prometheus Books; January 2010; ISBN 978-1-59102-762-1; $18.00; Hardcover), Dr. Libby reveals the great advantages and terrible toll of what she calls “the favorite child complex.” Based on both professional and personal experiences, she can let your audience in on how growing up singled out for being special—in the eyes of at least one parent—shapes a person’s traits and behaviors throughout adulthood.