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Trained as a psychologst, Dr. Libby believes people are constantly changing and sometimes require professional guidance to support these changes. Dr. Libby maintains that the cues to healthy change reside in her unique relationship with each patient.

After an initial evaluation, lasting from a couple of sessions to several months, Dr. Libby recommends a treatment plan best suited to you. It will consist of some combination of the following:

· Individual Psychotherapy – The exclusiveness of the one-on-one relationship will encourage you to focus on your inner most thoughts and experiences.

· Group Psychotherapy – A group setting provides the support of a  “community” as you work at having more satisfying relationships in your life.

· Couples Psychotherapy – Working with your partner, as a two-some or in the presence other couples, enables you and your spouse to grow together, making more solid your intimacy.

· Family Psychotherapy- Here, family tension can be lessened as honest, respectful dialogue increases.

· Consultation with your physician – Collaborating your care with medical doctors, as appropriate, helps to insure the cooordination of your overall care.

· Consultation with a psychopharmacologist – Medication, when indicated, in conjunction with psychotherapy can facilitate the growth of some people.

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